A downloadable game for Windows

Alone, lost and injured in the wood, a soon to be father looking for his wife has to deal with his inner fears.

Tokophobia is a game made by 3 people in a 36 hours school game jam.
The game jam theme was "Look behind you" and our goal was to make a VR game on OSVR. We later made a non-VR build of the game.

Requirements :
VR : OSVR v1.3 or superior

Gamepad (XBox360 tested and fully functional)

How to play :


- Move your head to move the camera

- Use the analog sticks to move left and right arms

- Use the triggers to fire the gun


- Move the camera me with mouse

- Fire the gun by pressing left click


Tokophobia OSVR 64 MB
Tokophobia NON-VR 35 MB


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Pretty fun.